Video clips showing animation, 3D authoring, and film/audio editing using different programs to compile finished products.

Kinetic Typography

Student project done in Adobe AfterEffects.
Song "Are You Qualified"

Mr. Flamingo

Images created in Adobe Illustrator then imported into Adobe Flash to animate walk-cycle of Flamingo and flight of airplane.

Flight of a Hummingbird

Created in Maya (3D authoring program) rendered and imported into Adobe AfterEffects. 3D model created completely from memory.

OtterBox Instructional Video

Composition programs used Adobe Photoshop, AfterEffects, and Illustrator. Video filmed with a DSLR Camera. All pieces imported into FinalCut Pro for final video composition.

Tri-Tip Bordelaise Instructional Demo

All footage imported and composed in FinalCut Pro.
Five minute instructional video to prepare Tri-Tip Bordelaise.

Six String Connection

Online Informational Video.
All footage imported and composed in FinalCut Pro. Audio recorded separately then synced in FinalCut Pro.

30 Second Commercial

Local Farmers Market Commercial.
All footage imported and composed in FinalCut Pro.

Animated Logo

Logo created in Adobe Illustrator. Cartwheel animation created in Adobe Flash. All imported into Adobe AfterEffects for final animation.